Piriqueta caroliniana

Tracy S. Feldman: Examples of GIS Maps produced in ArcGIS

General Information:


  • Diabase Along Roadsides in North Carolina
    This map shows diabase dikes in four counties in North Carolina, and maps areas near those dikes along major roadsides (within 0.5 miles of a diabase dike). Diabase soil is habitat for many rare plant species across the state. Mowing (along roadsides) may help maintain biodiversity in these habitats, while herbicides reduce biodiversity. This map includes information about valuable habitat along major roads in these four NC counties, to help managers make decisions about where herbicides might be avoided. The map also shows major urban areas, in case that plays a role in prioritizing habitat to preserve.

  • Map of leaf miners on St. Andrews University campus
    This map shows habitats on St. Andrews University campus. I have also indicated locations in which I have found leaf mining insects in three major groups.


Piriqueta caroliniana with Misumena sp.Ants taking seeds from a P. caroliniana fruit

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