Tracy S. Feldman: Biography (short version)

Tracy S. Feldman is a high-energy performer inspired by progressive rock and new folk. His songs combine classical training in violin, unique hard-edged to delicate guitar work, and poetic lyrics exploring human interconnections, interwoven with metaphors from the natural world. Tracy has four recordings: Middle of the Road (2009), Survivin’ in the ‘Burbs (2006), Sea of Lucky Numbers (2003), and Standing Room Only (1999). He has also performed and recorded fiddle with singer-songwriters all over the eastern and central US.


"Tracy S. Feldman writes lyrics as poignant as Leonard Cohen and Bruce Cockburn and as if that wasn't enough, he plays guitar as masterfully as Michael Hedges, from delicate finger picking to rhythmic strums that make his guitar sound like a whole damn band. His violin chops are amazing, too, and not even Hedges could lay claim to that. Check him out y'all."
-- Jamie Anderson, music journalist/singer-songwriter

“Feldman has always had a gift for bringing such strong emotion out of such quietly contemplative songs. He’s a modern version of the 60s folk poet with more passion and fire in his soul.”
--Jennifer Layton, Indie Web Magazine

“Tracy strives for perfection in his lyrics.”
--Jim Graves, WFSS

“Akire’s acoustic guitar work is simple yet gorgeous and is augmented nicely by such things as the perfectly arranged fiddle pieces of Tracy Feldman.”
--Ray Dorsey, Chaos Realm

Top Center, bottom left and bottom right photos by E. V. Cronheim, 1999

Top right, top left, and bottom center photos by Melissanne Hale Dixon, 2002

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