Photos of Organisms in Oklahoma Prairie Habitats and the Ozarks in Arkansas

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 Bison  Bison with cowbirds  fungi from Bison dung  Dickcissel singing  Asclepias viridis  Baptesia australis  Krameria--a hemiparasite  Indian Paintbrush--another hemiparasite  Prairie iris  Syrphid flies on a prairie iris  Wine cup (Malvaceae)  Fringed Puccoon (Lithospermum sp.)  Prairie legume  Echinacea--purple cone flower  Coreopsis sp.  Prairie Coreopsis  Eryngium leavenworthii  Snow on the mountain (Euphorbia marginata)  Liatris sp.  unknown prairie flower  Argiope  Orthopteran  Red admiral (Vanessa atalanta)  spider that looks like a brown recluse  Rough Green Snake in a tree  Nesting turtle  box turtle  Lichens in the Wichita Mountains  Question mark butterflies on exudates of hemipterans  Question marks and red admirals on exudates of hemipterans  Dragonfly  Centauria sp.  Indian blankets, etc. at the Wichita Mountains  Wichita Mountains Spring 07  Wichita Mountains Spring 07  rain storm on the prairie  Ragged Fringed Orchid in the Ozarks  Locoweed in the Ozarks  Asclepias tuberosa with Great Spangled fritilaries in the Ozarks  Asclepias tuberosa with Great Spangled fritilaries in the Ozarks  Great Spangled fritilary on Echinacea in the Ozarks  Painted lady on Echinacea in the Ozarks  Zebra Swallowtails mating in the Ozarks  Arctiid moth in the Ozarks  Ants tending Aphids (Ozarks)  Harvestmen with mites (Ozarks)  Tradescantia with Orthopteran (Ozarks)  Amanita in the Ozarks

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